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Fancy Fanny

Custom Ring Float

Custom Ring Float

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From the shop that brought you the custom blow-up doll.... we present the custom ringfloat!

Message us a high quality, forward facing photo of the groom (or any man you'd like).

Your blow up float man will feature red/white ring float with BEVERAGE holder!

A few things to note:
- Photo will be blow up, so it has to be high quality like the example photo, by sending up your photo you are ensuring that you have reviewed the quality of the photo and are okay with the way it will print when enlarged.
- We have blown up and tested every doll, however if something should happen to the doll during the party, we cannot refund due to doll mistreatment :)
- The photo will be blown up and sized to fit the head, this means some hair, ears, some beard may be cut off. We are going for the laugh here.
- While we try to minimize the number of creases on the face, there maybe a couple that we cannot get out during the print process.

We are hoping to be able to offer other skin tones in the very near future. Our supplier is working on them as we speak!

Thank you!
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Select desired size and color and other relevant product options.

Step 2

Upload desired photo to go on the product. Don’t worry, we do ALL the cropping, editing and cartooning!

Step 3

We create and ship you your awesome undies, and you laugh your fanny off!

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