Our Story

Created in 2018, Fancy Fanny Shop is the brain child of shop owner and creator, Morgan. Before bringing Fancy Fanny Shop to life, Morgan found herself stuck behind the desk at a big, fancy corporate job with creativity oozing out of her pores.

After she had just popped out her son, Brooks, Morgan was facing 12 weeks of leave; after all the Netflix had been watched and while baby was sleeping, she started creating. It all began by messing around with photos and underwear (weird combo, huh?). She listed her first couple of items on Etsy, and things took off from there!

In July 2018, Morgan was able to leave her job and pursue Fancy Fanny Shop full-time, and has been creating awesome and hilarious product ever since! 

In 2019, Fancy Fanny Shop was busting at the seams, and Morgan was working tirelessly around the clock. To help Fancy Fanny continue to grow and handle orders, Morgan brought on Grace full-time to the team.

Now, Morgan and Grace work each day to help provide customers worldwide with all of the fanny packs and novelty socks their hearts can handle. Just two women, supplying parties with the funniest gifts and favors on the planet.

Both Morgan and Grace have always loved to make people laugh, and what better way than sharing the joy of giving a fun, unique gift? Whether their customers are giving the gift to their loved ones or keeping it to themselves, Fancy Fanny hopes to bring a smile and a laugh to all who receive their one-of-a-kind gear.

Thank you for stopping by & happy shopping!