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Personalized Blow-Up Man


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Your man as a blow up doll!

Upload a high quality, forward facing photo of the groom (or any man you'd like) and we will print it on our 5ft blow up dolls!

Your blow up man features a bow tie and a 6-pack.

A few things to note:
- Photo will be blow up, so it has to be high quality like the example photo, by sending up your photo you are ensuring that you have reviewed the quality of the photo and are okay with the way it will print when enlarged.
- We have blown up and tested every doll, however if something should happen to the doll during the party, we have included a patch kit and cannot refund due to doll mistreatment :)
- The photo will be blown up and sized to fit the head, this means some hair, ears, some beard may be cut off. We are going for the laugh here.

We are hoping to be able to offer other skin tones in the very near future. Our supplier is working on them as we speak!

Thank you!